-- General & Wedding day questions --

Who will be photographing my wedding ?
-You are guaranteed Kye as your lead photographers along with associated photographer for all packages.

Who will I be in touch with to prepare for the wedding?
-Upon hiring us we’ll send a questionnaire that asks everything we need to know about your wedding plans, and Kye will be your main contact.  

Have you shot at my venue ?
-There's a good chance that we have, however whether we have or not, We do extensive online research, and I perform a thorough walk-through to scout out the best photography locations before your wedding day. 

Do you provide partial day coverage ?
-Our minimum rate starts at 6 hours of coverage. 

Can I request must have photo lists ?
-Yes and we have shot lists for you to go over.  You can also add any specific request.

I don't know how to pose.  Will you guide me ?
-Not only will I guide you, it will be fun !  Many couples tell me they are not photo genetic, yet I always end up wowing them after I take first shot of the day and show it to them right away on my camera.  All I ask of you is to let go of any anxiety and just be happy !  It's your wedding day !  My job as your pho­tog­ra­pher is to take beau­ti­ful pho­tos of you and your surroundings which may include direction, but more impor­tantly, I will help you both become nat­ural and com­fort­able in front of the cam­era.

How many hours do you suggest we put aside for wedding day photos ?
We have a list of approximate breakdown of how much time you would need to have set aside for your wedding photos.  We will be going over your schedule in detail, and our list will help us get started.

What is Firstlook?
A first look is a moment staged and set up for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.  It's a private moment for the couple, and have their reaction documented in photograph.  Choice is yours !  Some couples don't want to do a first look for variety of excellent reasons.

How many photos do you deliver ?
-I typically deliver anywhere from 40-60 images per 3-hour engagement shoot.  For a wedding, I typically deliver 50-70 images per hour. Please keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the number of events/activities and flow of the day. 

Do you touch up all the images you deliver ?
-Yes I do, and yes I will be the one to touch up all your photos with my unique style of post production.  I strongly believe post processing is also huge part before presenting finalized image. 

When and how will I receive my photos ?

-You will receive 3 to 5 sneak peek photos very next day of your wedding! and your entire photos will be delivered no later than 30 days after your wedding day.

Do you have liability insurance ?
-Yes ! 100% yes yes.  Many venues require photographer to have liability insurance.

Do you backup images?
-We've never lost an image because our backup starts within the camera by saving all images to 2 memory cards instead of 1, and we back up on a portable external hard drive after each major events.  After the shoot we back up our memory cards to local computer setup in RAID 1 configuration, and another external hard drive.  Once the images are completed, I upload them to cloud based storage.